Being a .Net developer I am used to using features like intellisense, debugging tools and integrated test runner. While there are extensions in Visual Studio to enhance these features, the default setup is quite rich and works out of the box. However, it is not the same for Node.js environment. After trying out a few […]

Now a days smart phones and tablets are widely used for web browsing. At the same time, people are also using 4K displays and 27″ monitors. While these may be the two end of the spectrum, most laptop users are still using displays between 11″ and 17″. Due to this dramatic change in screen real […]

While working on a desktop application, I found that the WPF WebBrowserControl by default renders the pages in IE7 mode. Even when we are running the application on a latest Windows machine (e.g. Windows 8 or Windows Server 2012), it still uses IE7. The problem is, most of the latest HTML5 & CSS3 features won’t work in […]

I recently started working with ElasticSearch for its awesome text search capability. It was pretty easy to install and there is almost no configuration required to get started. I explained the steps here. To execute queries ElasticSearch provides a json based REST API. After trying out few tools like Postman, Curl, etc. I found Sense – a chrome plugin, probably the […]

ElasticSearch is a highly scalable search & analytics engine. It is an open source project build on top of Apache Lucene. This post explains how to install ElasticSearch on Mac. Then it focuses basic insert, update and search operations using the REST API. ElasticSearch also runs on Windows machines. Installation: On a Mac machine, we can install […]